2014 Marlborough Nelson West Coast Region

November 10, 2014

House of the Year


Gold Award
Category Award
Lifestyle Award – Plumbing World Bathroom Excellence Award

HOY_2014_Local_Category HOY_2014_Lifestyle_Bathroom HOY_2014_Gold-300x300

The bathrooms are rooms designed for a lifetime making the spaces suitable for elderly and very young or if mobility becomes an issue designed to give plenty of turnaround space

Showers have no lips for ease of access. Taps have easy to manipulate levers.

Big dramatic grey high gloss tiles, resembling concrete on floors and walls are sophisticated while the extra large mirrors reflect and bounce light around the room.

Full height wall-to-wall matelux obscure glass windows allows privacy and light to filter in while TruVents provide the right amount of airflow.

Choosing Methven high tech shower range as powerful yet efficient energy – conscious technology with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Michel César bathroom furniture used as designed for the sophistication required.

Key feature of the ensuite is a sleek, angled glass blade to contain water splashes which separates the shower wet area from the rest of the room while the cantilevered Grandangolo basin, echoes the angular shape of the glass. Grandangolo basin show casing a crisp dynamic Kiri basin mixer. The floating storage beneath is the Grandangolo box is sleek with a truly unique look being black. Shower water drains through an unobtrusive trench grate, which avoids the need for a central drain. Bottle trap also visible beneath the basin creating a feature.

Robe/towel hooks and Charcoal Lava rail offering versatility and style. The towel rails are made of two layers of glass fused together and heated by fine elements wires encased within. Invisi series II suite is streamlined minimalist styling complimenting this room. Overhead drencher and hand shower with a footrest and satinjet technology potentially saves water while a sophisticated design, built-in tiled niche are also featured in both bathrooms.

City free-standing stone composite back to wall bath was selected for its strong simple lines and functionality being able to be used by two people, being the feature of the main bathroom while the frameless shower is big, giving indulgence and glamour.

These bathrooms are simple, indulgence with sophistication.

Lifestyle Award – Outdoor Living Award

HOY_2014_Lifestyle_Outdoor_LivingDesigned to complement its breath-taking natural surroundings and constructed with an unrelenting focus on quality throughout, this luxurious home offers a lifestyle that is purely and simply irreplaceable.

Constructed to the highest standards possible the stunning 349m2 house sits majestically on the waters edge of Karoro Beach Estate and within walking distance of the spectacular Tasman Sea.

Floor to ceiling windows throughout the home provide unobstructed, panoramic views of the rugged environment for which the West Coast is famous.

Exposed aggregate terrace and courtyard ensures you will bask in the fresh air and bracing sea breeze, which this tranquil setting boasts.

Extensive use of slider-doors enhances the sense of one-ness with the environment, bathes the home in natural light and provides inspiring views year-round, while intelligent underfloor heating solutions guarantee comfort.

On entry through the Mistletoe Green double doors, the entrance is grand, with high gloss tiles resembling concrete, showing the sophistication of this home and breath-taking views.

The location is peaceful while the lifestyle the area affords is very special indeed. Penguins, seals, whales and native birds all call this distinctive part of New Zealand home, while surfers revel in one of the South Islands premier surfs.

Gold Reserve National Award